COVID-19 Resources

Below are links to Dr. Bussells’ most used resources for COVID-19 data, science, and protocols.

The COVID-19 Tracking Project provides comprehensive data on COVID-19 by state and demographics, including race/ethnicity. Dr. Bussells uses this site to understand state and national trends around the pandemic. 

Centers for Disease Control  website provides the most up to date science about the virus, including evidence-based recommendations for keeping families, communities, and businesses safe. Dr. Bussells uses CDC guidance to inform her strategies for engaging with the community. 

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control website provides real-time COVID-19 data in South Carolina by demographics and resources about preventing spread, including vaccine information. You can also view the closest testing center to you on this website.

The federal-level Small Business Administration and The South Carolina Department of Commerce website provides guidance for small businesses looking for guidance and support during the pandemic, including information on applying for loans. 

 Johns Hopkins University has developed several resources about the COVID-19 vaccine, including information about vaccine myths and facts . Dr. Bussells uses this information to combat misinformation and distrust about the virus.

The NAACP has compiled several resources for people of color, communities of color and minority owned businesses about the virus, small business support, vaccination information, and educational resources. Dr. Bussells often shares these resources with the diverse community members she works with.

The American Public Health Association, of which Dr. Bussells is a member, has compiled a list of resources on COVID-19 and equity. Dr. Bussells uses these resources in her own research and while giving expert guidance on equity.

Children’s Trust of South Carolina, where Dr. Bussells works, recently released a data snapshot on the unintended consequences of COVID-19 on children and families, including social, educational and economic considerations.

The White House has detailed their strategy to combat the pandemic in this report. Dr. Bussells uses this as a resource to understand federal efforts and opportunities to strengthen Columbia’s COVID-19 response.

This news article details free resources for schools during COVID-19 being provided to schools by businesses.

Andy Slavitt, a nationally known public health expert, releases a weekly podcast on all things COVID-19 called, In the Bubble. The podcasts are full of evidence-based, timely information about national and state level issues around the pandemic that Dr. Bussells listens to on her walks.