Richland Coroner Naida Rutherford Endorses Aditi Bussells for City Council At-Large Seat

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Dr. Aditi Bussells has dedicated her work to understanding how we create systemic change to prevent adverse circumstances in the most vulnerable populations. I endorse Aditi because I believe she will bring a fresh perspective to city council. I look forward to learning more about her ideas and turning her years of work in to action plans for our community.” – Naida Rutherford

Sara Middleton, Local Business Owner & Former City Council Candidate, Endorses Aditi Bussells

As a local business owner, I know firsthand the need for qualified and responsive leaders on the City Council. We need leaders who produce results, not excuses, to benefit all corners of our community. That’s why I’m supporting Aditi Bussells and encourage others who want to realize Columbia’s bright future to support her as well.” – Sara Middleton

Kristian Niemi, Local Business Owner, Endorses Aditi Bussells for City Council

“I am endorsing Dr. Aditi Bussells because she is a staunch community advocate. As a local business owner, it’s critically important to have leaders on City Council who understand our needs and who listen. Aditi will make a great city councilwoman and I encourage others who want to see Columbia grow and prosper to join me.” – Kristian Niemi

Carol Fowler, Former SCDP Chairwoman, Endorses Aditi Bussells

“Dr. Aditi Bussells is a brilliant young woman who will bring energy and a much-needed perspective to city council. It is time that our leadership reflects the growing diversity of our city. I am excited about Aditi becoming our next councilwoman. She has my endorsement.” – Carol Fowler

Councilman John Barnes Endorses Aditi Bussells

I am endorsing Aditi Bussells because of her innovative approach to leading our community. Columbia needs new leadership and a fresh perspective on the best way to grow Columbia economically and faithfully represent all citizens of this great city—and frankly, we need more women in positions of leadership—especially those with the curiosity, creativity, and problem solving chops of Aditi. Columbia will be better with her on City Council.” – Forest Acres Councilman John Barnes

Dr. Seulghee Lee Endorses Aditi Bussells

Dr. Aditi Bussells inspires me both through her energetic civic commitment to our city and her steadfast vocational commitment to public health research. It means a lot that Dr. Bussells spoke out on anti-Asian bigotry and violence when it was not popular to do so—and, given our city’s demographics, where there was no clear political advantage in doing so. I cannot imagine a better qualified and more visionary candidate to serve as the very first Asian American city council member in the history of South Carolina. I endorse Dr. Bussells because representation matters to me.” – Dr. Seulghee Lee

Jeff March Endorses Aditi Bussells

“I am endorsing Dr. Aditi Bussells because I believe our city needs a fresh, new, and bold perspective that understands what happens on the ground. I also believe that Aditi will listen to our citizens and the needs of our colorful communities. We can be so much more than just another college town and with Aditi’s leadership we can expand our vision for Columbia.” – Jeff March, President of SC Pride