Dr. Aditi Bussells Announces Her Candidacy for Columbia City Council At-Large

COLUMBIA, SC – Public health researcher Dr. Aditi Bussells today announced her candidacy for Columbia City Council At-Large. In a web video announcing her run for the city-wide seat, Dr. Bussells highlighted her unique experience in public health and her vision for Columbia’s future.

Dr. Aditi Bussells said, “Many in Columbia are facing growing challenges, as some struggle to pay bills, and others struggle to keep their small businesses open. I believe we are at a turning point. We can ensure that our city comes out of the pandemic stronger, not weaker, but it will require collaboration and reform. Columbia needs leadership that makes data-driven decisions and is focused on long-term solutions to ensure that our communities are prosperous, thriving and vibrant.”

Aditi has been deeply involved in various Columbia causes over the last several years. From knocking on doors for the Census to examining ways in which neighborhoods can be more equitable and inclusive, Aditi is focused on sustainable resources and systemic solutions for the various socio-economic challenges facing the city.

Bussells continued, “Columbia is a great place to live, work and play, but barriers for families and businesses wanting to live and move here remain. I am ready to serve my community and go to work using unique public health experience, solving complex societal problems.”

Aditi and her husband, Louis, a front-line provider, nurse practitioner and Army veteran, live in downtown Columbia. A first-generation immigrant, Dr. Aditi Bussells received her undergraduate degree from The University of Virginia, a Masters Degree in Public Health from George Washington University, and a Ph.D. in Public Health from The University of South Carolina.


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